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The circuit equipment is available for those who would like to participate in a muscle conditioning program. 

It is important that everyone include some form of muscle conditioning in their fitness regimen. 

Weight training provides numerous benefits to the human body such as muscle strength, muscle endurance, an increase in lean body mass increases metabolism, and  muscle definition. 


Circuit machines are designed to offer users the ability to perform strength training exercises in a stationary position, guiding you with proper form, and allowing you to adjust the machine to fit your body type. We offer circuit equipment that will emphasize all muscle groups of the body and a variety of different exercises for each muscle group. Circuit equipment is available from Paramount’s Fitness Line and Paramount’s Performance Line as well as many new pieces from Life Fitness.  

Free Weights


Our spacious Free Weight area offers a large variety of Hammer Strength, Iron Grip, Paramount, York, and Cybex fitness equipment. 


Our two sets of dumbbells offer weights ranging from 2.5lbs to 150lb. dumbbells to meet everyone’s fitness needs. We have several flat, incline, and decline benches , smith machines, squat racks, and several other free weight pieces of equipment. 


Free weights are a great way to improve muscle strength and power, improve balance and stability, and add variety to your  fitness routine. 

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