Let Club One host a Memorable Kid’s Birthday Party for You!

We make it easy and affordable for you to be able to enjoy your child’s party and reduce your stress!

We will supply the Pizza, refreshments, and the activities….you bring the cake and the kids!!!


Wallyball Parties

The staff will also include other fun games such as dodge ball, obstacle courses, and other age appropriate activities that your kids will love!


Club One can organize your child’s party to include the activities that would best suit your child and the party theme. Please feel free to inquire about any party ideas you may have for your child. We have a fun, energetic, and creative staff that can get your kids active and create a memorable party experience!



Each child is required to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver of liability prior to attending the Dance or Wallyball party. At least 1 adult per 10 children must be present during the party. All children are to remain in the Wallyball court for Wallyball parties, Party room, Aerobics room for Dance, and may utilize the restroom facilities located in Childcare. For everyone’s safety, Children and their parents attending the party are not permitted to play or utilize any of the equipment within the facility. We ask that the Wallyball Court and the Aerobics Room are left clean and tidy after the party has ended. Our staff will assist you in set up and clean up of the party. Please arrive at least 15min. prior to your scheduled party time. 


All Dance and Wallyball parties are held for no longer than 2hrs. A deposit of $50 is required at the booking of your party and can only be returned if at least 48 hour notice of cancellation is received. 


Club One will supply the Pizza and refreshments for your party. You will be able to bring your own cake for the celebration! 



Club One will supply a staff member to assist you in setting up the Wallyball net and equipment as well as a staff member to monitor the Wallyball game and give guidance on rules of the game. 



Club One will supply a Certified instructor for your kids Dance party. The Dance class will be approximately 45min. in length. The Dance class will begin 15min. after the scheduled party time to allow guests to arrive.




Kids Party Contract.doc to download and print the agreement.


Kid's Party Waiver - Required for all attending