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This class puts the FUN in Fitness. Come experiencean amazing Cardio - Core Workout. Drums Alive combines traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythmsof Drums. This German fitness Phenomenon is taking America by Storm!

We use the Stability Balls and Step Pods to create a Drum. The instructor provides the drum sticks unless you have your own.So come out and Bang off stress, Burn up caloriesandget aPowerful core workout!


Drums Alive® is the most unique fitness/wellness program extravaganza to hit the market in years! It is unique and different from every other workout you’ve tried before, it captures the essence of movement, rhythm and combines it with fun and delivers real fitness results! The choreographies are designed to burn fat, improve physical and mental fitness and above all, be fun! Drums Alive® is full of powerful and motivating music and drumming rhythms that will get your feet stomping and your body moving.
The Drums Alive® Mission 

Using rhythm as the source of inspiration to discover a new group fitness experience Drums Alive® combines the benefits of a traditional fitness program with the benefits of music and rhythm. Drums Alive® is a program that fosters a healthy balance physically, mentally, emotionally and socially and it provides an element of fun and creative expression. 

The Drums Alive® Vision 
We have a dream to make life better for everyone throughout the world with the healing experience of movement and rhythm through the Drums Alive® program. Through tailored programming, Drums Alive® will improve the quality of life for a wide variety of audiences; including mentally and physically challenged children; gifted and talented children; fit and healthy children and adults; children and adults with aggression issues; senior citizens; and patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other life-altering conditions. 

The Drums Alive® Goal 
The goal of Drums Alive® is to improve lives physically and psychologically through a unique sensory-motor drumming program involving drum sticks, an exercise ball, and music. The primary goal of the Drums Alive® program is creating a "whole mind, whole body" experience for all participating. We desire all of our programs to meet the needs of diverse audiences.

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