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The name says it all – a ½ hour of Intense Abdominal and Glute Work…(B,I,A)


A combination class that works the gluteal (butts) and abdominal (guts) muscle groups in a way that is different from any other exercise series. The glutes and abs work together to support the body’s core. All exercises are performed on a floor mat with very little rest between exercises. Stability balls are often utilized to increase range of motion and intensity. Various angles and body positioning are employed to gain the most out of every contraction. Modifications are offered to those with weak leg,back and stomach muscles.This intense class works muscles that you never knew you had. The class concludes with a relaxing flexibility and stretch segment.



The glutes are one of the body’s largest muscle groups that are rarely exercised in an effective manner. Strengthening the glutes help with proper walking and running. Strengthening the abdominals help relieve stresses in the lower back and support the skeletal frame. Exercising these front and back muscles together pays dividends into the future and improve posture. Stretching at the conclusion of the class ensures that the muscles are prepared for recovery ultimately increasing flexibility. Regardless of the level of physical condition, everyone needs to perform these core and flexibility exercises regularly.

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